Foundation Portfolio – Plakas Art Center, Athens

Arts Center 

This project has been inspired from maths, a combination of the square root and the limit that in the mathematical language are equal to zero but in this project it is equal with architecture and the creation.

My Street 

This projects describes a brainstorming of my personal point of view of my street and my room. It is a reflection of my personality and myself

The Cradle

A project in which the main goal was to create a new object with totally different use out two existing. In this case we used a chair and a ladder in order to create a cradle.

Cut Out

The main goal of this project is to create a pattern which is going to have different uses. So, by cutting out a black watercolor paper and stick it back together, I created two different unique patterns and created variation on the sizes and in the end, I applied this pattern in clothing fabrics and create an 1:1 embroidery element.

The Cube

Photography Exercises 

Flying Machine Inspired of Gaudi Casa Batllo

In this project I have chosen to study the Casa Batllo of Gaudi in order to create an innovative and alternative flying machine 

Drawing and Sketching Exercise 

Conceptual Abstract Drawings

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